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 Cherry Dancers

Ladies Night -- Stationery Trends, Fall 2019, pg. 30 

 Cozy Cabin Boxed Thank-Yous

Baby Boomers -- Stationery Trends, Fall 2019 

Dinner With Friends


Gift Shop Mag

NY NOW Summer Preview 2019 -- Gift Shop Mag, Summer 2019



Summer Show Preview: Destination Design! -- Stationery Trends, July 2019



Gift Shop Mag

LA Mart Summer 2019 Preview -- Gift Shop Mag, Summer 2019


Dog and Bird Notecard Set

Dinner With Friends


Gifts logo 

On Trend Greetings -- Gifts & Decorative Accessories, May 2019, pg. 43


Dogs n' Plants Luxe Foil Notecards

Gift Shop Mag 

Trend Report / Spring 2019 -- Gift Shop Mag, April 2019


Beautiful Van Gogh Notecards Let You Channel the Artist’s Love of Letter-Writing -- My Modern Met, March 2019

Glistening Klimt Notecards Let You Write Messages That Are Good as Gold -- My Modern Met, February 2019

Meet Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019 -- Stationery Trends, Winter 2019


teNeues Announces New Spring 2019 Stationery -- NY NOW, February 2019

Winter Show Preview 2019 -- Gift Shop, Winter 2019

Chosen by editors as a New & Notable pick for NY NOW!


Winter Shows: Ready, Set, Plan! -- Stationery Trends, Winter 2019, pg. 80 & 84

Chosen by editors as a Fresh Pick & awarded “Best Foiling”!

Sprightly Stationery & Greeting Cards -- Gift Shop Pets, Winter 2019, pg. 11

“Calendars notebooks and to-do lists are among all the playful papers.”

HGTV Magazine logo

Happy Giving: Great Gifts for Everyone - Dec 2018, pg. 58

"Whatever the giftee challenge — hard to shop for, picky, has everything — we have finds sure to please."

Different Strokes

Different Strokes - Nov 2018

"The touch of the brush adds an artful touch..."

20 Christmas Gifts Your Girlfriend Will Love - Nov 2018

"The decorative keepsake box with full wrap-around art can be repurposed as a bright home décor accent for storage of small tokens, i.e. as an uplifting jewelry box or drawer organizer."

Pencil Sketch Mini Clipboard as seen in Stationery Trends

Fresh Picks: The Playful Desk - Fall 2018, pg. 12

"Office accessories that infuse the everyday with color, fun and confidence."

Card from Card Collection QuickNotes as seen in Stationery Trends

What's in the Cards: Feeling Lucky? - Fall 2018, pg. 37

"Infuse your sales with some green with these fortuitous finds."

Spread Your Love for the Iconic Frida Kahlo - October 2018

"In the spirit of Kahlo’s collecting habits, teNeues has opted to package these cards in a sturdy, reusable box... When not storing stationery, it’s perfect for housing tiny trinkets and treasures inspired by the artist, like colorful jewelry, dried flowers, and one-of-a-kind handicrafts."

Make an "Impression" With Charming Notecards - October 2018

"Considered a modern art masterpiece, Claude Monet‘s Water Lilies series can be found in top museums around the world... teNeues has proven that you don’t need to travel far to appreciate Les Nymphéas. In fact, with their Monet notecards, you can curate your own collection of Water Lilies without leaving your desk."

Take Cover! - August 2018

"For such a simple item, the options for journals and notebooks are endless. These dynamic designs offer a taste of some of the strongest offerings out there."

Fresh Picks: Rainbows - August 2018

Our Over the Rainbow Luxe Foil Notecard Box was chosen as a Fresh Pick!

Fun in the NY NOW Summer Sun! - June 2018

"Picked by Stationery Trends’ Editor-in-Chief Sarah Schwartz, these pastel and foil-kissed finds will set a sizzling, stylish stage in the Big Apple!"

Girls, Girls, Girls! The Feminine Edge - Spring 2018

"Dazzle her with flora- and pattern-rich finds."

Basquiat x teNeues - May 2018

We partnered with Artestar to create a collection of notecards, notebooks, and clipboards that feature the bold and colorful works of Jean-Michel Basquiat!

Hello, 2018! - January 2018

"Pantone has unveiled Ultra Violet as its color of the year..."

The Salt of the Sea - Winter 2018 Issue

"These days, no icon is unimportant, be it flag, anchor, sea creature, rope or life preserver!"

500 Shades of Gray - December 2017

"Whether matte or metallic, combined with black and white or even another color, gray may just be the most important neutral of 2018!"

Product Wire: Editor's Picks for Desk Accessories - December 2017

"Perfect for work, the brand new Cut + Paste Collection by teNeues artist Amy van Lujik uses office supply essentials such as scissors and paper clips to create fun desk accessories ranging from a mini clipboard to a notecard set."

Fresh Picks: Octopuses - October 8, 2017

"One of the five images offered in the Notecard Box from teNeues shows watercolor creatures that live beneath the sea."

A Predilection for Pattern - September 2017

"Texture-rich and often tactile, these dynamic designs are vibrant but never busy!"

Foiled Again! - August 23, 2017

"There is nothing new about the process of foiling in and of itself. What is new, however, is the less-is-more approach stationery makers integrate into their designs to make them pop just so."

Splatter-ific! - May 24, 2017

"As colorful as they are cool, organic, artisanal paint strokes add a dynamic, vibrant vibe to stationery, reminding us that imperfections are beautiful too — especially with a touch of gold foil!"

Sprout + Bloom, Vintage China Luxe Foil Notecard Boxes

When Tactile Wins Over Technical - May 2017

"Boxed gift card sets, like these by teNeues, that express the personality of either the giver or the receiver are trending as gift purchases by Millennials. A set of 10 has beautiful artwork and foil accents."

Our Editor’s NSS Picks - April 2017

"The clock is ticking as National Stationery Show approaches! Make this year’s edition a lucky one with our peek at 13 timely, terrific finds to be found there, curated by Editor-in-Chief Sarah Schwartz."

The Color Wheel: Mustard - January 2017

“[Mustard] connotes maize, saffron, and, certainly, gold, so it can be luxurious, healthy and precious. This color was seen as a ‘staff of life’ in Latin America, with its relationship to maize, used in so much cuisine. It is valid around the world and represents so much to different cultures.”

Stationery & Greeting Cards - December 2016 

Museums & More identified our Modern Botanicals FlipTop Notecard Box with art by Anne Bentley as a trending item for December 2016!

Mother's Day Wrap-Up - April 2016

"As an added bonus, most of these are notecard boxes, pretty enough to give to Mom as gifts, or just use them for her card, and then other correspondence."