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Fall 2023 Gifts and Paper

Our latest collection of new products is here. 

Find our new things like high quality paper sketchbooks, a new big format A4 size Notebook with dyed edges with art from Gustav Klimt, Wasily Kandinsky, James Audubon, and Claude Monet.

2 each of our 8-Pen Sets with reprints of Monet and Audubon artwork.

1000 Piece Puzzles, Vase of Gladioli from Claude Monet and Snowy Egret from Audubon. 

And our Wrapping Paper Books with art from Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet.

Finally our exciting entry into pleasing art supplies as gifts for oneself or a favorite creative friend: new Sketchbooks with a super-sturdy cover that lays flat; Gustav Klimt, Paul Cezanne, young UK contest winner Yve Slater and NYC screenprinter Jake Wallace.

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