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Florentine Yellow Marble A5 Notebook
Florentine Yellow Marble A5 Notebook

Florentine Yellow Marble A5 Notebook


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teNeues Publishing introduces a very handy A5 Notebook collection with smooth, flexible paper covers and special details like foil or dip-dyed page edges for your desk at home, school or at the office.

Florentine Yellow Marble A5 Notebook uses reprinted classic paper marbling as decoration on the outside cover. This type of paper treatment is centuries old and often used for vintage book endpapers. This a classic art stationery gift or personal notebook for journaling your dreams and goals, poetry, to do lists, or make work from home more elegant. Faithfully reproduced in full color on our new line of flexible cover, lined paper, A5 Notebooks.

  • Soft-covered paperback notebook
  • Full-color artwork on front and back cover
  • Dip-dyed colored edge on the paper
  • 140, lined paper printed pages
  • Exposed, section-sewn binding
  • Lays flat
  • Measures: 5 3/4 x 8 1/4 x 3/8"

Our portable, soft-covered paperback notebook has full-color artwork on the front and back cover by the best illustrators and artists from around the world. 140 pages of lined paper is an excellent canvas for bullet journaling, list-making, all forms of writing and doodling. Bring it everywhere you go. Handsome exposed, section-sewn binding means the notebook lies flat when open on any page