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Sept 18th to 24th 2023

Thinking of You Week is an international weeklong celebration of the magic of sending greeting cards. It’s the perfect time to encourage people to send handwritten notes just to tell someone they are thinking of them! As a greeting card maker, Thinking of You Week is an opportunity for you to engage customers and strengthen connections with your community. 

Research has indicated that, although technology has made us more connected than ever before, people, especially younger people, express high levels of loneliness. Actual physical connections such as the sending and receiving of cards create a better sense of well being.

Fast Facts From The Greeting Card Association

  • 60% say that receiving cards and letters in the mail “means more to me” than an email.
  • 65% of consumers agree that receiving cards and letters in the mail lifts their spirits.
  • Americans purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards each year.
  • Seven out of 10 card buyers surveyed consider greeting cards “absolutely”
  • or “almost” essential to them.
  • Getting a card “just because” is more meaningful because an unexpected card carries an additional element of surprise and delight.

Sometimes the greatest joy comes from something small but unexpected.

Not sure who to write to? You could always find a pen pal or send mail to an elderly person! Below are some links for organizations connecting those who want to send mail to those in need.

Cards for Hospitalized Kids

The emphasis is on hand-made cards, but it’s really about the messages of encouragement. They have sensible guidelines about content to include & not include, also.




This is based in the UK but welcomes cards from any country.

Cardz For Kidz


(FYI - this site does not allow purchased cards - all must be made by the writer.)

Any Refugee


Postcards of encouragement to refugees around the world, coordinated in Washington, DC.

Love for our Elders


Cheering up older folks who are more isolated.

Letters Against Isolation


Focusing mostly on seniors, there are links with tips for what to write to a stranger.

Brighten A Day


Letters to isolated retirement home residents, hospitalized patients, and frontline workers.

Global PenFriends


Based in Australia, and running for 25 years, this is a general connection service in which children are connected to children, adults to adults, with restrictions on type of content (i.e. not for dating, etc.)

PenPal World


Note - this is a PAID connection model.

Geek Girl Pen Pals


Open to all gender expressions, offering digital and post communication, a free platform that also has a Patreon option for additional features.



This focuses on sending postcards - there is an ID system you can use if you want to keep a connection going, otherwise it’s just random.

Worldwide SnailMail Pen Pals


This is a moderated Facebook group with 43,000 members.

Letters of Love


Started by a woman who lost her mother to cancer when she was 10 years old, there are a variety of letter-writing efforts to spread cheer one card at a time. Moms write to other moms, kids write to other kids. They have a current campaign focusing on Ukrainian families.

www.thinkingofyouweekusa.com @thinkingofyouweek 
Use these hashtags on your social media #thinkingofyouweek #sendacarddeliverasmile

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