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STATIONERY REVIVAL: teNeues at the Museum of Modern Art

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The renaissance of stationery products

High-quality stationery and beautiful stationery products are currently making a big comeback. Notebooks, pens and calendars are part of everyday office life and adorn almost every desk. The products can not only be useful, but also look beautiful. High-quality accessories give the workplace that certain something and can sweeten the dull everyday life.

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High quality and great design are combined to enhance everyday objects by designing them with intent.

Stationery Spring Collection

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teNeues Stationery lives for design and quality. Our passion for beauty and design is presented in the new spring collection of stationery. The most beautiful paintings of modern impressionist art adorn pens, notebooks and sticky notes. Whether Vincent van Gogh, Paul Cezanne, Claude Monet or Berthe Morisot - with our stationery products you can bring the works of these exceptional artists into your own home. Our stationery is anything but boring. It often makes a big difference which paper you use as the foundation for your creative ideas. The choice of the right type depends on the type of project, your own skills as well as the writing pens you use. Enjoy the designs of a very special stationery collection. 

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teNeues at the Museum of Modern Art

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Our stationery collection of modern and impressionist art can currently be found at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Whether you are looking for notebooks, puzzles, playing cards, or pens - browse through the inviting shop at the Museum of Modern Art and discover the unique teNeues range.

Universal themes such as nature, flowers, pets, coziness, home décor and art are included in our notecards and notebooks, as well games. Highlights are: the latest collection of 1000-piece puzzles and playing cards for fun at home and on the go. The Museum of Modern Art houses one of the world's most important and influential collections of modern and contemporary art. The museum is located in the Midtown district of New York's Manhattan borough.

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  • I have used the same calendar/diary for years. I cannot find the 2024 calendar anywhere. The last version (2023) was labelled Neumann. The bar code says 4002725985477. Thank-you for any help you can provide. I have no requirements for the “theme” or featured artist.

    Sandy Mumbach

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