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Spotlight on Artist Allyn Howard

We are excited to feature one of our favorite stationery illustrators, Allyn Howard, who has some beautiful work!

Scroll through to learn more about Allyn's many talents and colorful creations below!

Allyn is a painter specializing in illustration and murals for the children's market and surface design for a range of products. Her studio is located in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn where she works in both a painterly style and a simplified graphic one, unified by the use of bright color and the innocent optimism of her characters.

Check out her collection on our store here: https://teneues.nyc/collections/allyn-howard.

Look out for more to come from Allyn in our Fall 2020 collection, available in May! Don't forget to sign up below for our newsletter to be in the know and receive updates on Allyn and other stylish new products.

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