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New Product Release: Playing Cards!

teNeues NYC Stationery is proud to share our newest offering: classic Playing Cards! With our signature style curated from museum art and illustrations from our favorite artists around the world, printed on embossed, premium blue-core card stock in a gift box with flip-top magnetic closure.

These cards make a great gift for friends and family, especially during times when you're looking for something fun to do at home!


Our little portable box is great for travel, fits in any bag and the magnetic closure keeps the cards together between games.

          • Standard deck of 54 playing cards including 2x joker cards
          • Full-color, richly -printed artwork on embossed, blue-core card stock
          • Giftable flip-top box with magnetic closure
          • Box measures: 3.75 x 2.75 x 1"

If you need inspiration, here are some fun games and ideas!

          • Spades
          • Hearts
          • War
          • Blackjack / 21
          • Gin Rummy
          • Spoons
          • Canasta
          • Go Fish
          • Egyptian Ratscrew
          • Build a card house or tower
          • Solitaire
          • Slapjack
          • Crazy 8s
          • Learn some magic tricks!

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