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Guest Post by Artist Kimberly Ellen Hall of Nottene

Pattern Maps


These are some examples of how all our projects start: as intuitive ideas and discoveries in the sketchbook.

Hi there! Thanks for having me on the teNeues blog. My name is Kimberly Hall and I’m one half of the artist studio Nottene. I run it with my husband and partner Justin Hardison. I am an illustrator with a textile background and he is a self-taught printmaker with a music background. We love to work collaboratively not only with each other but also with community partners.

Things we’ve collected and that you might find in our puzzle & mural (or other products we make)!

Making patterns has been a part of my life process as well as my creative one. I have always been a collector of all kinds of things, but putting those collections into some kind of order is connected to how I think and tell stories. So I suppose it’s not surprising that I like to design wallpaper! 

This is an early draft of the pattern that became the teNeues puzzle. This one is a repeating pattern, though you can’t see the whole repeat here, you can catch some repeating elements.

The drawings I make sometimes come from my personal life or sometimes they come from collaborating with others. We have done some partnerships over the years that allow us to work with all kinds of collaborators that enlarge our practice: scientists, senior citizens, historians, and strangers from afar have all helped us envision new work over the years.

 this city is ours puzzleTop: Puzzling in action! Bottom: Our City puzzle

this city is ours puzzle

The puzzle that we did for teNeues last year is intricately linked to this idea of story telling through patterns. When we design wallpaper, the goal is to share a narrative or a mood based on the collection of drawings we are putting together. Playing with scale is part of the fun for us as artists; whether small like the puzzle or big like wallpaper. Last year we went really big and did a mural in South Philadelphia based on some of the same city objects as the puzzle.

This is the installation of our South Philadelphia mural. We had a huge amount of assistance to get this in place, and it’s true for producing most products! The team at teNeues is hugely important in making our smaller scale products like the puzzle.

This year, we are working from the U.K. and it has brought even more new things to collect and draw in my sketchbook. I hope to share some of those with you as new patterns and products in the future!


Find Kimberly's illustrated work such as This City Is Ours puzzle on our website!

Some of our other favorites include the Floriography A5 Notebook and Purple Posy Small Bullet Journal, below.





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