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How to write a meaningful thank you card and why you should write more!

When was the last time you wrote a heartfelt thank you card?

Once the norm, nowadays we send text messages and e-mails in an instant. There is still something special about receiving a handwritten note in the mail, at least I think so. Perhaps it is the concept of holding a physical piece of mail or knowing that the person who sent it took the time to sit down, write and put it in the mail. No matter the reason, we should all be sending more thank you cards.

However, when you're trying to think of what to say, it can be hard to know the right thing to say. Inspired by the article from The Kitchn, here are some tips we love that can help you get in the right zone for writing thank-yous!

 winter bird thank you notecard


Tip 1: Use stationery you love!

This tip we can easily get behind as we have lots of gorgeous thank you notecards to choose from! They are all beautifully illustrated and blank inside, leaving lots of space for you to write your message.

Keep some of your favorites in stock that reflect your personality so you can send them out when the need arises!

Tip 2: Make a draft

We recommend starting with a draft of your message, whether its long or short. This way you don't risk wasting the special notecard you have selected. Once you start putting your thoughts down, on paper or digitally, you can go back and edit. "Before you get going, brainstorm the general gist of what you want to include, and write down a few key points you want to hit."
cozy cabin thank you notecards

Tip 3: Follow a formula without sounding formulaic

Start with a salutation and use the name of the person to whom you are writing. First make sure to express why you are writing, then go deeper with the 2nd and 3rd sentences. Finally, tie it up by mentioning the future, such as following up or making plans for meet.


Tip 4: Give the reader an aha! moment

This tip comes courtesy of Sigmund Freud, who said, “I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new.” Translation: Don’t go for the obvious.

For example, instead of “Thank you for the scarf — it’s the loveliest shade of blue,” a more interesting description would be to write about a memory it evokes or telling the gift-giver where you plan to wear it. 

 foxy thank you notecards


Tip 5: Write the way you talk

Sometimes it is harder to write the way you talk than you might think! Since the point of writing a thank you card is to make the reader feel appreciated, you want your note to sound authentic. Be true to your voice and write a message that you might say to them if you saw them in person!

 friends of the forest green thank you cards

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