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Let Go of Your Handwriting Hang-ups



Have you ever wanted to write a greeting card or thank you note to someone but felt held back by your handwriting? You are not alone! When writer Gina Hamadey started her project of 365 gratitude notes, she received many questions, the main one being "what if my handwriting sucks?"

The truth is, there's no such thing as bad handwriting! Don't let your penmanship stop you from sending out cards to your friends and family. At the end of the day, they will truly appreciate receiving a card from you and your handwriting doesn't matter. For instance, my grandmother has a very old fashioned way of writing, but she still sends out plenty of cards and I love receiving them, even if they can be a little hard to read.


Here are Gina's 6 reasons to let go of your handwriting hang-ups:

1. Personality > perfection: Your handwriting adds interest and personality!

2. The recipient probably won’t notice either way: The receiver is busy reading your words and probably won't notice your penmanship anyways.

3. Handwriting helps you remember facts: Researchers led a study and found that the brain is more active when writing by hand. They concluded that pressing pen to paper activates the senses and opens up the brain for learning and remembering. 

4. Handwriting is a piece of you: Your handwritten notes or cards will last longer than you do, and those close to you will treasure these.

5. Maybe it’s not about the handwriting? Perhaps you feel insecure because you think you have nothing interesting or valuable to say. Put aside your fears because you certainly do.

6. Because it’s beautiful!


Choose from one of our most popular notecard designs and don't worry about your handwriting.

The message in the card will speak for itself!

thank you big cat

bird thank you


dinner with friends


rainbow thank you



Visit her website to learn more about Gina Hamaday and her new book "I Want to Thank You: How a Year of Gratitude Can Bring Joy and Meaning in a Disconnected World" (available on amazon).

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