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Guest Post: The Art of Card Writing

The Art of Card Writing

By Gail Goldspiel

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve been designing my own greeting cards. The sight of a blank card, waiting for my own personal message to my loved ones, is just as delightful now as it was back then. Over the years, my family caught on to my penchant for greeting card writing and would give me stationery of all kinds as gifts. My grandma and I shared a love of gardens and flowers, and I always knew a special gift would be a handwritten message for her and my grandpa on a card with a beautifully painted garden on the front.

Now that it's almost summer, and we’re all stuck inside with a little extra time on our hands, I highly recommend taking up the art of greeting card writing. teNeues has such a variety of artistically inspired cards that remind me of the cards I used to create, collect and decorate as a child, and the cards I strive to collect today. Here are some of my teNeues favorites (next to some of my own homemade creations.) Happy card-making and sending!


Claude Monet GreenThanks

Vincent van Gogh Notecard Box

Claude Monet FlipTop Notecard Box


Gail is an Art and Museum Educator based in NYC. 

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