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Creative Envelope Art Ideas

Have you ever wanted to jazz up a blank envelope before placing your notecard in the mail?

We compiled some fun decorative envelope projects for you to pick and choose from!

And if you have any of your own ideas, feel free to share with us in the comments. We would love to hear your creative ideas or if you try any of the below.

Autumn Leaf Stamps

I came up with this idea last year during fall when I was seeing beautiful fallen leaves all over the place. I was wondering what I could do with them to celebrate fall so I started experimenting with a stamp pad.

These envelopes are very easy to make! All you need are some freshly fall leaves, (preferably not too dry or crinkled) and some stamp pads. It works best with flat leaves. You can use one color or multiple colors of pads if you like. Just press the leaf onto the pad and stamp on the outside of the envelope. Make sure to press down evenly across the whole leaf for best results. Let dry for a few minutes and voila!



Make Your Own Wax Seal

Wax seals lend a hand-made touch to invitations, place cards, and other envelopes. They’re also a simple but gorgeous way to close a love letter for your significant other, all super-romantic-like. Beautiful seals are available commercially and from various vendors on Etsy, but here’s a trick to making your very own at home with a small handful of supplies.

Detailed instructions here!



Watercolor Calligraphy

Calligraphy is a beautiful way to decorate and impress a notecard or envelope. Whether you are new to calligraphy or have some experience, you can add to your repertoire with watercolor calligraphy. 

This watercolor calligraphy tutorial will help you take your calligraphy to the next level; you’ll just need a couple of supplies to start.




Polka Dot Envelopes

There’s really not much to the instructions. Dab your brush in some paint and polka dot away. Once one side has completely dried… flip the envelope over and polka dot the back. 

These are quick, fun and slightly addicting to make. Once you start polka dotting you’re not going to want to stop! Full materials and instructions here.


Paper Decorated Envelopes

Use decorative paper such as origami paper to dress up the inside of your envelopes for a fun surprise! So much more exciting and prettier than a standard old white envelope. It’s like wallpaper on the house of your beautiful cards!

See full instructions here.



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