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Bullet Journaling for Meal Plans!

When you think about it, planning meals basically consists of making a full list of items and tasks:

  • your list of meals to prepare today/this week
  • a list of ingredients
  • recipes to use and steps to make it
  • a list of where to get certain ingredients that you can’t find in your usual supermarket
  • your budget

The good news is that with a bullet journal you can manage it easily just like other aspects of your life.

Don't forget to choose a notebook that inspires you so when you go to create your weekly plan you enjoy looking at the cover!

Here are some examples of my personal meal plan bullet journal:

As you can see I used a mini notebook from our collection, but you could also use one of our larger A5 notebooks! I used two small pages for the shopping list and meal ideas, then another 2 pages for the day by day planner. There are lots of other layout ideas out there to try so you can explore what works for you!

Don't forget to check out our cute collection of bullet journals:




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