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Make Going Back to School More Enjoyable

It's that time again!

Back to school season is here which means sadly the end of summer is near...

MindBodyGreen wrote a great article about ways to make going back to school joyful!

Here are our favorite tips below, and you can read the full article here.

Reflect with hope and gratitude:

"Engage kids in reflective activity by [having them write] two letters to themselves. In the first letter, have them write a letter to themselves about how proud they are for getting through the last school year and overcoming any challenges or problems. In the second letter, have them write about their hopes, dreams, and goals for this year that they can seal and read on the last day of school." 

Here are some of our favorite kid-themed notecards that would be perfect for making the new school year more enjoyable!

Make a fun to-do list:

"Don't waste the little free time that you have each day (between work and school) trying to figure out what you're going to do for fun. Keep your joy on demand. Have a working list of activities and experiences ready to go—so you're prepped to go whenever fun-time strikes! Try to keep a list together with activities that suit everyone so there's little to no time needed to waste on debating."

These mini clipboards are a great way to keep adding on to your to-do list, and when you're ready to head out, you can easily tear off the perforated sheet to take with you!

We'd also like to add, invest in cute stationery!

We find that if you are excited about your notebooks and supplies, you'll be more likely to use them. From writing to-do lists to writing letters, we have stationery for all your needs, such as these mini notebooks. You can easily toss these into a backpack or purse for convenience.



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