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Spotlight on Artist Kimberly Ellen Hall and Projects for Kids

One of our new artists we are excited to be working with has some great ideas for what to do with kids when you are stuck at home! 


One of the first things Kim did was make a school schedule (see above).

Here are some guides that she has found useful so far:

• Start with wake up and all the morning things you always mean to do but never have time for (exercise! A morning chore!)

• We have two periods where the kids can do the computer work and classroom assignments from their regular schools. Our kids are in 3rd & 5th grade, so this might translate in to computer time or educational apps for younger kids. 

• Recess is also important. If your kids are younger you might have shorter periods (ours are 1 hour) and more breaks. 

Other craft projects include papier mache, art on post-it notes, and making your own comic books!

Here is a link to Kim's blog where she has plenty of other fun projects and ideas: https://nottene.net/notes


Check out Kim's artwork below, coming out this Fall with teNeues:





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