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French Paris born artist HelloMarine is full of optimism and good vibrations which she transcribes into her intensely colorful paintings, illustrations and print editions.

After a childhood in the South of France, and some studies in the UK, Marine has been working for various clients all over the world for the last 14 years as well as exhibiting her personal work in galleries. Currently, within her work Marine redefines the idea of still life today, painting familiar things with a twist.

With a striking simplicity and well curated color palette, her work is both bold and memorable. Her goal as an artist is to deliver a sense of innocent and joyful escapism and create pieces that radiate positive energy back to the viewer.

Her ever evolving influences include the works of Matisse, Margaret Kilgallen, 70’s aesthetic, Henri Rousseau, nature and interior design. Clients include Dior, Lacoste, TruThoughts, The NY Times, Penguin, Zadig & Voltaire, to name a few. HelloMarine currently lives and works in Brighton, UK.

Visit her website here: https://www.hellomarine.com/


La Nuit A5 Notebook

 la nuit notebook

Cactus Party Playing Cards

playing cards


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