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Stationery: The comeback of paper and pen! 📔📝🖊️

Whether for home or office, high-quality, beautiful stationery such as notebooks, pens, and calendars are stationery must-haves that belong to the infinite universe of objects that simply make our desks and everyday lives more stylish.

It is about more than beautiful office supplies – it is the return to a consciousness in which even the seemingly small and unimportant things matter.


Stationery and the new writing culture

Notebook instead of tablet, fountain pen instead of stylus–items which used to elicit excitement only in the eyes of avowed stationery lovers have since conquered the hearts of everyone who longs for a break from the screen.

Beautiful, high-quality stationery products are currently experiencing a boom. Millennials and Gen Z in particular crave analogue experiences. There is less interest in utilitarian items that only serve one purpose. The stationery lovers of today prefer high-quality stationery that makes a statement—it is thoughtfully designed, unique, visually appealing and eco-friendly. Thanks to this preference for beautiful, functional and stylish office supplies produced with eco-friendly materials, stationery fans have also set new standards in the stationery design and manufacturing processes.

Quality is in demand, and aesthetics are coveted

The renaissance of paper stationery brings momentum to the many manufacturers, printers, and designers that work tirelessly to meet the changing demands in the quality, functionality, and design of the items on our desks. Bookworms, workaholics, art lovers, writers, and paper product fans alike no longer rely on "good and cheap", but genuinely value the craftsmanship and ingenuity of durable, user-friendly, and stylish stationery products. For instance, handsome exposed, section-sewn binding allows our notebooks to lie flat when open on any page.


The look and design of stationery products is important. They are vehicles for the notes, greetings, sketches or musings that fill them. Greeting cards now resemble small masterpieces embellished with glitter, ribbons, and gems—a work of art sent from one friend to another. From sketchbooks featuring the lush, textural artwork of Vincent van Gogh to notepads and pens made of biodegradable materials—high-quality and aesthetically-pleasing in their design—stationery is flourishing. And though quality does not come cheap, it's worth it. After all, you can never have too many beautiful things in your life.


A visit to stationery wonderland

We recommend visiting a dedicated, brick-and-mortar stationery store—not just any stationery shop, but a place where the tools and materials for writing, drawing, and doodling have been carefully curated and are ready to be touched, tested, held, and admired. A visit to a stationery store is often a visceral experience: feel the varied textures of assorted papers, leaf back and forth between the pages of notebooks, and peruse the varied selection of hand-printed cards.

A particular product‘s features, or the mood a dove blue-grey notebook evokes compared to a bright, neon yellow can be considered as you browse the products in person. Carrying the newly-acquired treasures home in a crackling parchment bag is the culmination of a fun and inspiring shopping experience.

Beautiful stationery in our online shop

Treating your loved ones to a well-made, stylish, and useful gift is a wonderful way to demonstrate how much you appreciate them, and when attention is paid to the “small things”—a notebook featuring a friend’s favorite artist, a set of pens in their favorite colors—the gift is made even more meaningful. If you don't have time to immerse yourself in teNeues’s extensive assortment of stationery, you can get an overview of the top sellers and must-have stationery products in our online shop. Find everything your heart desires and indulge in the beautiful artwork, design, and inspiration our stationery products offer!

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