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SPRING 2023 Collection

This Spring season brings new imagery from Shelley Davies, Jake Wallace, and Karen Obuhanych, plus fresh titles from classic fine artists Paul Cézanne, Vasily Kandinsky, and Vincent Van Gogh.

Two new formats support our continuing celebration of the paper, gift, and game categories: our Wrapping Paper Book contains 12 extra-large, flat sheets of beautiful full-color printed pages in a convenient book format, and our collection of 1000-Piece Puzzles expands our games lineup of Playing Cards and Puzzles.

We expanded our selection of popular 8-Pen Sets with New York City artwork from Anisa Makhoul, vibrant fine art by Vasily Kandinsky, delightful Mid-Century Mod collage artwork from our new partner Shelley Davies, and a gritty Brooklyn collage from contemporary artist Jake Wallace. The pens feature printed paper wrapped around a ball-point pen base to give a soft look and feel to everyday writing tasks.

Here are some of the highlights below:

1,000 Piece Puzzles

Mid-Century Mod by Shelley Davies

Williamsburg Bridge by Jake Wallace

Fun New Pen Sets

Wrapping Paper Books



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