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Pet Purrfection

We love our pets here at teNeues. Meet some of our furry friends!

This is my foster cat Steve. He was a TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) cat living on the streets when he was found. When his rescuer tried to return him, he would peer into the back door to be let back inside. Friendly, super cuddly, and now living the most comfortable life possible, he is crashing on my couch for a couple of weeks until his new adoptive parents move into his new forever home. 
I'd like to give a meow out to JerseyCats for their great work in helping cats land on their feet.

This is Sandy, a Shepard/Collie mix rescue.  She is 13.5 years old, very intelligent, loyal, and loves green beans, broccoli, and carrots.
Sandy’s herding instinct has always kept our family together on mountain hikes and weekend walks, refusing to go further until everyone was within her sight. She also likes to chase squirrels.

This is Boots! She’s an affectionate goober with a dark secret—though she spends her days hunting down the perfect patch of sunlight, by night she is a ruthless cat burglar. No ring will ever be safe with her on the loose!

Jim Hawkins is an orange tiger cat that patrols the rooms and meows loudly for attention and meals. He also begs at the front door to take a “walk” in the condo hallway! Then there’s Olive, the very quiet black and white tuxedo cat who sits with me to watch TV and goes to bed with me at night. She is my constant companion when I’m home, except when it rains and she hides under the bed.

Don’t forget to browse our Pets Collection where you’ll find cool dogs like Ella Bean and whimsical hedgehogs like Darcy!

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