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Spotlight on Artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis and Free Coloring Page


One of the artists we are pleased to work with is Jennifer Orkin Lewis!

She is a New York based artist, author and illustrator. Her paintings are an intuitive reimagining of her surroundings that can transport to a magical, peaceful and different place. They are a time capsule that capture the essence of her day.

She is known for her daily sketchbook paintings which she has been doing for over 6 years. She has also written and illustrated a growing number of books.

Jennifer has graciously offered a free downloadable coloring page to anyone who likes to color or just wants something fun to do while stuck inside!

Coloring PageCheck it out

Below are some of the beautiful and popular products we have designed with her illustrations:

Watercolor Meadow Quicknotes

Watercolor Meadow Notecards

Thank You Bird Notecards

Thank you Bird Notecards

Cozy Weekend Fliptop Notecard Box

Cozy Weekend Fliptop Cards

Classic Indigo Luxe Foil Notecard Box
Indigo Luxe Foil Notecards

Follow Jennifer Orkin Lewis on Instagram for more inspiring artwork!

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