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Mood Tracking and Mental Health Awareness

"Moods are tricky to comprehend because you can be happy one moment and sulky the next. What makes them even harder to grapple with is that they're abstract. Enter: mood tracking."

Mental Health Awareness

A mental health tune-up is always a good idea (especially during Mental Health Awareness Month!). Whether you’re battling burnout, anxiety, or a relationship rough patch, we hope the ideas in this blog post are helpful. 

Similarly to how we make time to take care of our physical well-being, it is important to dedicate time to nourish our mental health. Because our mind and bodies are connected, poor mental health can lead to a weakened immune system, and when combined with stress, can also cause headaches, stomach issues, fatigue, insomnia, and more.

Devoting time to self-care is the best way to keep our minds healthy. There are many forms of self-care, including journaling and even mood tracking. Read more about journaling in our blog post here!

Ever heard of mood tracking? It is part of the popular bullet journaling technique. Each month you can create a new mood tracker and every day input how you're feeling. Then you can look back and see how your mood varied throughout the month.


mood tracker

Benefits of mood tracking

There are a variety of benefits to keeping track of your mood on a daily basis. Because our mood or how we feel plays a big role in nearly all areas of our life, it is important to be in touch with how we feel. For example, how we show up within different areas of our lives is impacted by our mood, including sleep, extent of interest, motivation, and energy levels.

Mood tracking helps to increase awareness as to how different types of behavior, situations, or activities emotionally affect us. Often when we experience something emotional, we don't know what the cause is or even the specific emotion we are experiencing. If we take time to check in with ourselves, it helps us understand our internal experience, gain insight as to what contributed to the emotion, as well as identify and label which emotions we are experiencing.

So be mindful: remember to take care of yourself and your mind and body will thank you.


 mood tracking example

Here are some fun mood tracking ideas that you can print out or draw into your bullet journal if you already have one!

Bullet Journals

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